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What Summer?

Kid and KindWhat summer? Thats usually a statement you here quite a lot in Scotland. The country is not famous for its great weather and we count ourselves lucky if we get a few weeks of sun. It doesn’t stop me dreaming that this year will be different and I do get excited when all the lovely spring summer clothes start arriving into the shops. Continue Reading

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Snack, Snack, Snack

IMG_5568Aoife is constantly hungry at the minute and I feel like I’m forever trying to find something for her to snack on. I’m not sure if its totally normal how hungry she is all the time but all I can do is try to find her healthy things to munch on. How much should a 16month old be eating? Some days it feels like she’s eating more than I am. Continue Reading

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Don’t Buy It All


When it comes to clothes for the little person in your life it can be really hard not to get too carried away. There are so many great brands out there making exciting and sustainable fashion for little ones that you can buy more than you really need because its so cute. Continue Reading

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On The Move

On the MoveThere has been a serious lack of posting on the blog these last few weeks and it’s all been down to one thing. Little A is now properly on the move meaning I can’t take my eyes of her for one minute at the moment. Her crawling has become speedy and she is also pulling herself up on everything she can find.  Continue Reading

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Room to Play

Room 1I’ve been working on getting Aoife’s room ready for her since before she was born and its finally finished. I started with the idea that I wanted to create a space that would be fun and would provide lots of areas for imaginative play. The plan was to design the room that it would grow with her and wouldn’t require to much redecoration as she gets older. Continue Reading

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8 Months Old

8MonthsHow this has happened I have no idea! I haven’t done un update for quite some time, the last couple of months have been pretty hectic with nights out, Christmas and Aoife now napping less and being far more active through the day. All this along with me trying to teach myself to knit hasn’t given me much free time at all.  Continue Reading

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3- 6 Month Essentials

3 - 6 MonthIn last few month I have come to rely on a number of different products on top of the ones that I talked about in my last list of essentials. We still use all of the things from that last post but now we also use these as well. Like i have said in the past the things that I class as essential will not be what someone else cannot live without as each baby is different, these are just the things that I have found helpful. Continue Reading

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Cosy and Warm

Cosy BlanketsThe weather really changed here last week and its starting to feel like winter is just around the corner. With this in mind I started looking for cosy blankets to keep little A warm just now and hopefully for many years to come.  Continue Reading

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Carrying On

Ergo Baby 360A couple of months ago we purchased the Ergo Baby 360 carrier after A started chewing the sides of the Solly Baby Wrap making it socking wet within minutes and its been a brilliant buy. I love carrying her around close to me and it has so many advantages over the pram.  Continue Reading

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6 Months Old

6 Months OldAoife was 6 months old on Wednesday and I don’t even know how that happened! She now has 2 teeth which we brush twice a day and we have started feeding her solids. All this eating is a messy business with not much actually going in her mouth and most ending up all over her and the floor.  Continue Reading