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March 2015

Toaty Thoughts

My Minimal Wardrobe

My minimalist wardrobeLife is about to change drastically for me this much I know. This inevitable change has been making me feel like I need to get my life in order. One of the mains areas that was annoying me was my overcrowded and messy wardrobe. Continue Reading

Toaty Thoughts

What’s Brewing?

Coffee and StrudelWith four weeks to go on Wednesday till my due date I’m really starting to get excited about meeting the toaty one. I’m wondering whether it’s going to be a boy or a girl I really have no idea either way. What colour of eyes will he or she have? What colour will his or her hair be and will it be straight like mine or wavy like Kev’s? None of these questions are really important though as the main thing I’m hoping for is a healthy happy baby. It’s not long now till we find out the answers to all these questions.

Toaty Loves

Friday Favourites

Lush UltravioletThis Lush Ultraviolet Bubble Bar that has been helping me take some time to myself. Relaxing is quite difficult to do at the moment with Kev in plaster there is always something to do. Running a bath and soaking in bubbles that smell of parma violets makes me stop for a while and just do nothing. It’s bliss! Continue Reading

Toaty Loves

Every Bunny Needs Some Bunny

Every Bunny Needs Some BunnySpring has finally sprung in Scotland and it’s Easter next week. Easter mostly means lots of sugary treats for kids and adults as well. I’m not religous at all so I’ve never celebrated Easter as an adult and I don’t agree with giving kids lots of sugar and e-numbers. Instead I’ve compiled this little selection of spring bunny fun to celebrate the new season, the nights getting lighter and the temperature rising. Hoppy days. Continue Reading

Toaty Thoughts

In The Bag

In the BagI can’t put it off any longer. I really need to pack my hospital bag even if the thought of going to the hospital terrifies me. Packing for the toaty one is the easy part, he or she is not going to need very much and everything that will be needed is a joy to pack as its so cute. Continue Reading

Toaty Thoughts

Up The Stairs

Edinburgh TenementIf you live in the city centre in Edinburgh it’s more than likely you live in a tenement flat. This means stairs and often lots of them, for us it’s three flights up to the top floor and our lovely sunny flat. There are lots of benefits to living on the top floor, no noisy neighbours above you, lots of natural light and heat from all the flats below to name just a few. Continue Reading

Toaty Loves

Friday Favourites

CubebotA little look at all my favourite things from the past week.

This Cubebot which will be a lovely little decoration in the baby’s room and a great toy once he or she is a bit older. Continue Reading

Toaty Style

Toaty Temptations

Toaty TemptationsTrying to stay minimal in the purchases for a new baby can be a very difficult thing. There are so many cute and appealing clothes out there it’s hard to resist the temptation to just buy, buy, buy. Our society is built around consumption and so much marketing and pressure is geared at new parents it can very hard to stick to the essentials. Continue Reading

Toaty Spaces

Sweet Dreams

Sniglar CribWhen choosing somewhere for the baby to sleep there are so many factors to take into consideration. Do we need a cot or a cot bed, what material should it be made out of, will it fit into our room, do we like how it looks and can we afford it? There are hundreds of options out there for every taste and budget its just finding the one that’s right for you.

Continue Reading

Toaty Travel

Oh The Places We Will Go

Solly WrapI was so excited to finally receive my Solly Baby Wrap in the post the other day. It’s the only thing I felt like a truly needed when I found out I was pregnant. There are many different wraps and baby carriers out there and there were a number of different factors that drew me to the Solly Wrap. Continue Reading