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March 2015

Toaty Thoughts

Time For Tea

Raspberry Leaf TeaAt 32 weeks pregnant it’s time to start drinking the raspberry leaf tea. There’s no scientific evidence that the tea has any real effects but so many people I’ve spoken to have sworn by it that I’m willing to give it a try. The thought is that you start on one cup a day and slowly build up to three cups a day by your due date. Continue Reading

Toaty Spaces

Mountain High

Mountain WallsLooking around for inspiration on how to decorate the baby room I came across these images on Pinterest of simple triangles which look like mountain ranges.  Not knowing the sex of the baby I’ve been looking for something that isn’t gender specific, is modern and will continue to be fun in a few years time. Continue Reading

Toaty Creates



When I found out that I was pregnant all those months ago I decided that I’d love to make as many things as possible instead of just buying everything. The first thing I made was this little crochet bear which took me quite a while to complete. Continue Reading

Toaty Thoughts

Simple Life

SimpleSince buying a house a few years ago my boyfriend and I have been trying to live a more minimalist life. Our last flat was tiny and was bursting at the seams with stuff. It was nightmare to clean and impossible to find anything. Our new flat is larger but is in no way massive and we really didn’t want it going the same over filled way. Continue Reading