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October 2015

Toaty Thoughts

6 Months Old

6 Months OldAoife was 6 months old on Wednesday and I don’t even know how that happened! She now has 2 teeth which we brush twice a day and we have started feeding her solids. All this eating is a messy business with not much actually going in her mouth and most ending up all over her and the floor.  Continue Reading

Toaty Loves

Hey, Mr Fox

Hey, Mr FoxFoxes, foxes everywhere, thats what it feels like at the minute. I’m not complaining though as with their cute little faces and their autumnal colouring they make the perfect addition to any baby or toddlers wardrobe or bedroom.  Continue Reading

Toaty Thoughts

Rest Your Sleepyhead

SleepyheadWhoever invented the phrase sleeping like a baby must have never actually had a baby. Most of the babies I know don’t sleep very well at all including A a lot of the time. Since the last time I spoke about sleep we have gone through quite a few different phases. During one of these phases A would not settle at night at all and was only happy to go to sleep when she was being held by me.  Continue Reading

Toaty Thoughts

5 Months Old

5 month oldLast week A became 5 month old but the weather was so amazing I didn’t have time to post an update. When the sun shines in Scotland you really need to make the most of it and that will probably be it now till the spring!

So A can now roll easily from her back to her front and back again. If you put her down to play and leave the room she will be an entirely different place by the time you come back, normally with one of her toys in her mouth smiling at her little adventure. Continue Reading