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3- 6 Month Essentials

3 - 6 MonthIn last few month I have come to rely on a number of different products on top of the ones that I talked about in my last list of essentials. We still use all of the things from that last post but now we also use these as well. Like i have said in the past the things that I class as essential will not be what someone else cannot live without as each baby is different, these are just the things that I have found helpful.

  • Ergobaby 360 – I’ve already done quite a detailed post about this carrier so I’ll only talk about it briefly. I really can’t praise this enough, it has made it possible for me to walk long distances whilst carrying A and it gives me the freedom to go places that just aren’t possible whilst pushing a pram. My boyfriend is also happy to wear it which is great as it means that I don’t have to always do the carrying.
  • Sleepyhead – Again I have already spoken about the sleepyhead and how it helps A settle out of our arms. We had an accident through the night the other week and it really showed me how much of a help this is. I had to sit with A in my arms most of the night as she wouldn’t go back to sleep without it. She is still waking almost every hour but at least the sleepyhead means that we can get some sleep between that.
  • Sophie La Girafe – I think all babies have a Sophie, well most of the ones I know do anyway. We have two different ones and they are both excellent. When A’s teeth were coming through a few weeks ago she chewed on them both constantly and I always take one with me when I leave the house.
  • Jellycat Tails Book – These books are brilliant. They have lots of different textures for babies to explore as each tail is made using something different. As its made with fabric it also nice and light making it easy to put into your bag and pull out whenever you need something for entertaining. Aoife is always chewing at this and shows no sign of getting bored of it yet.
  • Sleeping Bag – Lots of different companies make baby sleeping bags and we have a few different ones. Ours are mainly from Gap and Marks & Spencer but that is only because they are the companies that had the simplest designs on them. I found a lot of the other ones a bit bright and they also weren’t very gender neutral which was no good as I bought mine before A was born. The reason I love the sleeping bag is because it means that A can’t kick her blankets off during the night and end up being too cold. For some reason she will sleep happily during the day under a blanket but as soon as it gets dark her legs are in the air and the blanket is gone. There are guides online to which tog of sleeping bag you should use depending on the temperature of the room which means that as well as not being to cold, A shouldn’t be to hot either. They also make feeding in the middle of the night really easy as they can stay warm and comfortable in the sleeping bag and this hopefully helps with going back to sleep again.
  • Silicone Teething Necklace – These are available lots of different places but the best selection is probably on Etsy. I wear mine everyday and its great. They are easy to clean and can even be sterilised, A loves to chew and pull at it and as its round my neck it means that she always has something to play with without me having to go into my bag to get her something. It’s especially good when I’m sat in a cafe with her on my knee as she can’t throw it on the floor and it also saves my hair from being pulled. I love this necklace that much that i am thinking about getting another one in a different colour. I never used to wear necklaces at all so for me to buy two it must be good 😉

We have other things as well but these 6 have been my favourites of the last few months. If your trying to keep things minimal these are the things that worked for us and I would have been gutted if they had been taken away. Hope this list has helped someone and if you have any questions about any of these things just ask.

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