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6 Months Old

6 Months OldAoife was 6 months old on Wednesday and I don’t even know how that happened! She now has 2 teeth which we brush twice a day and we have started feeding her solids. All this eating is a messy business with not much actually going in her mouth and most ending up all over her and the floor. It’s the first week though so I’m hoping we will both get better at it, I need to be more relaxed about the mess and she needs to learn not to spit everything out. I’m sure it will different every week as we go forward with this food adventure.

Today she was making noises that sounded like she was saying Dad. Is that her first word? I really don’t know, I think she was just making a new sound but I think her dad may claim it was. Either way it was all she said all day so I think we are going to be hearing a lot of it.

Even though she is 6 months A is still really tiny. She is currently wearing 3 – 6 month clothing and these are all still far to big for her. A few of her things are still 0-3 months but she has grown out of most of them and I have started packing them all away properly.

Aoife still is not a very good sleeper at night so she is in our room in the co-sleeper next to me. It makes my life easier than if I had to get up in the night and go through to her and I think I will keep her with us until she is mostly sleeping through which at the moment feels like a long way off. It’s actually really nice to all be in the same room especially for morning cuddles. That includes the cat as well who sleeps at the end of the bed and joins in all the cuddles he can. When she is ready to go into her own room it is now finished for her and I’m hoping to get some photos of it done very soon to share on here. Maybe once the next 6 months has past she will be in there but I don’t want that time to go to quickly as the last 6 have flown by.

Slow down time and stay little my beautiful baby girl.

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