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8 Months Old

8MonthsHow this has happened I have no idea! I haven’t done un update for quite some time, the last couple of months have been pretty hectic with nights out, Christmas and Aoife now napping less and being far more active through the day. All this along with me trying to teach myself to knit hasn’t given me much free time at all. Now that A is 8 months old she needs a lot of attention all the time. She is constantly on the move pulling herself about the house commando style. Its not quite a crawl but its pretty fast so you need to keep an eye on her all the time. In the last few days she has also learnt to pull herself up on the furniture but is still a little unsteady on her feet and because we have wooden floors we need to stay really close to her incase she falls. She really loves this new skill and looks super happy with herself whenever she is standing, I don’t think it will be long before she is walking! I’m not sure if I ready for that to happen, its exhausting enough chasing after her at the minute.

In the last few months her personality is really starting to take shape. I think she is going to be a courageous, cheeky adventurer who is always getting into mischief and probably a real handful for me. She has also grown quite a lot in the last couple of months and we have just moved her into 6 – 9 month clothing. This has happened a whole month quicker than I thought it would so her love of solid foods is definitely helping her grow. I’ll try to get a little post about food done in the next week or so as that has been an interesting adventure so far.

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