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Bugaboo Bee 3 and Me

Bugaboo Bee 3 and MeIn a previous post I mentioned that I was having a few little issues with the buggy we had purchased and said that it might end up not being my only one. The thing that finally pushed me into getting a new one was that when A grew out of the baby nest section of the Silver Cross she would have to face away from me. There was no option to keep the buggy parent facing and I just felt that A was still to small to be looking out into the world and not able to see me.  With this in mind I went back to researching all the available options and looked to find a pram that solved all the other issues I was having with the last one.

As I’d pushed the last buggy around for 3 months I had learnt a lot about what I really needed and what I didn’t. My main criteria for the new purchase was that it had to be lightweight, suitable from birth, both parent and forward facing, smaller than the last buggy, have a large hood and a basket that actually functioned. I narrowed it down to 2 options, the Mamas and Papas Armadillo Flip and the Bugaboo Bee 3 . When we went to see the Armadillo Flip we felt that it was huge and it looked even bigger than the Silver Cross we were trying to replace so we ruled it out immediately.

I was a little bit reluctant to purchase the Bugaboo Bee at first as its quite expensive and it becomes even more expensive once you add on all the extras that are needed. However once i’d had a little push of it and seen how easily it fitted in our tiny car I was convinced and I’m really glad that I was. It arrived about a month ago and its been all over the city on our adventures.

The great thing about the Bee is that it really is tiny. It will fit through the narrowest gaps and around the smallest of shops. Theres no more waking past little boutiques and not being able to go in fearing that your pram will cause chaos once inside. No more worrying that you are taking up half a small cafe’s seating area and no more issues getting into the pram space on the bus. So even though its smaller than our last pram it has many more features. My favourite so far has been the extendable hood which you unzip so that no sun gets in your little ones eyes. If A is sleeping and the sun shines on her face she immediately wakes up which meant that I was always trying to shade her with my body when she was in the last pram. This doesn’t happen any more so A gets a lovely peaceful sleep in the shade and I’m not worried about her skin getting burnt. Another great thing about the Bee is the basket. Even though it is a small pram the basket is quite substantial and I have managed to fit quite a lot under it. Having a basket that actually holds lots of stuff has made such a difference to my day when I’m out and about. I no longer need to choose between carrying the rain cover or my shopping.

We are currently using the baby cocoon on the Bee as A is still under six months and it gives her that extra support and snugness. The good thing about the cocoon is that it doesn’t have a solid base so A can now sit up when we are in cafes and interact with us a bit more. She has been starting to get frustrated lying flat when she is awake so this has worked brilliantly. There is still plenty room left in the cocoon so we will be able to use it as a small footmuff this winter as the Bugaboo universal footmuffs can look quite large on the Bee.

Overall I really love the Bee. There have been a few occasions where the wheels have gotten stuck on a massive pot hole but this has been rare and all the plus points makeup for this. I really wish I’d purchased this first and not made the expensive mistake of buying two prams. Hopefully I will be able to sell the Silver Cross soon and make some of that money back.

Bugaboo Bee 3 in Edinburgh

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