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Ergo Baby 360A couple of months ago we purchased the Ergo Baby 360 carrier after A started chewing the sides of the Solly Baby Wrap making it socking wet within minutes and its been a brilliant buy. I love carrying her around close to me and it has so many advantages over the pram.¬†With a carrier you feel more like your old self as you can go and do most of things that you used to do. Steps are no longer an obstacle, off road walks become possible and you don’t need to find the lift when your in shops. As well as all the plus points for me A also loves it. She gets to see the world from a higher vantage point and she is held next to me where most babies feel safe and content. Its really easy for us to interact and I can talk to her and reassure her if there is a loud noise or something that she has never seen before.

Before we bought this carrier we did a bit of research to decide on the best one for our needs and the Ergo Baby 360 came out on top. The 360 can be worn a number of ways, forward inward, forward outward, on the hip and on the back. It can carry a child up to the weight of 33lbs and if A continues to be small she would be around 4 years old by the time she outgrows it. It came with a newborn insert and a booster seat which made it very secure and comfy for her as she was so tiny. It’s only been very recently that we have stopped using the insert and we still need the booster seat. Because A is small we have only used the forward inward carry as she needs to be above a certain weight to use the other ones though she is almost big enough to use the forward outward and I can’t wait to try that.

Since A is really light and because I live in a top floor flat the 360 has become my transport method of choice recently. It’s really easy to just put her in it and go out for a walk and because her weight is distributed well I’m able to wear her for the whole day quite easily. The 360 has a thick strap which has really strong velcro on it that goes round your waist and then another clip that holds that together. It feels very secure and is quick and easy to take on and of. The top straps are well padded meaning that it is comfortable to wear and these are held in place by a clip on your shoulder blades. This clip can be quite tricky to get the hang of and I’ve found its easiest to loosen it as much as it will go before¬†fastening it and then pull the cord to tighten it. Once you have this mastered it’s very simple. The only small issue I have with the 360 is that you need to have somewhere to put your baby or someone to hold them while you put the velcro bottom strap on as this needs two hands. So far this has not been an issue and I’ve always found somewhere for her to go though this has often been on the grass in a park. This may become more of a issue now that the weather is getting worse but I guess I will be taking her out of the carrier less outside.

There are a number of add ons that you can buy for the 360 including a winter cover and teething pads. The winter cover is waterproof with a hood and it has a fleecy inside to keep your baby warm. I haven’t purchased this yet as it has been very mild so far this autumn in Scotland and I find that we can both get quite hot with the 360 on anyway. We definitely don’t need to wear as many clothes as we normally would as we keep each other lovely and warm. If you live in a warmer climate Ergo Baby have a carrier that is made if more lightweight materials that would be better suited for you. I may buy the winter cover if it gets to cold but at the moment I am just going to wait and see. I have bought the teething pads and these are great. As I mentioned earlier A was chewing the side of the Solly Wrap and it would become very wet very quickly. She is doing the same to the Ergo Baby but instead of having to wash the whole carrier I only need to wash the teething pads which is great. I’d definitely recommend getting these as they keep the carrier nice and clean.

Overall I can’t praise the 360 enough, its given me the freedom to go walks along the river and into the country. Its easy to wear for long periods of time and A’s dad is happy to wear it to which he never was with the Solly Baby. I’m looking forward to trying the other carrying methods once she get a little bigger and I’ll report back on how those work out soon.

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