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First Weeks Essentials

My Baby EssentialsBefore you become a parent for the first time its difficult to know what you will need and will struggle to live without and what you will use once and never look at again. The selection of things that are available in your typical baby shop can be really bewildering and the advice that you receive from friends and family can be overwhelming.  I tried not be swayed by to much advice and kept our purchases to a minimum therefore I haven’t had anything so far that I’ve felt was a waste of money. There are lots of things that I have found to be essentials and I’m going to list these here in the hope of helping anyone who is about to become a parent and is looking to keep things as minimal as possible. The things I’m going to list here may not be what you would have as every baby is different these are what I could not have lived without in these first few weeks.

  • Solly Baby Wrap – Aoife loves to be carried and held close, putting her in the Solly Wrap means that she settles quickly and it gives me my hands to get on with doing everything I would normally do. It’s also been brilliant for getting out and about quickly as we live in a top floor flat and getting the buggy up and down the stairs can be a challenge. The wrap has been one of my favourite purchases and I can’t praise it enough.
  • Pacapod Changer Pod – A brilliant little changing bag that has room for all the essentials for a quick nappy change. It’s easy to move from room to room meaning that everything is always on hand. It fits in my handbag and it stops you taking to much stuff when you are only going out for a short time.
  • Chicco Next to Me – This crib attaches to you bed so is a safe place for Aoife to sleep whilst still being close to me. If she opens her eyes she can see I’m just there and will happily go back to sleep again something she didn’t do whilst in her mosses basket. It’s really easy to reach in to either comfort her or get her out for feeding and it has meant that everyone has been getting a better nights sleep. I also love that it is much bigger than a mosses basket so she will be able to sleep in it for quite some time so we shouldn’t have to try and fit her cot into our small bedroom.
  • Faye and Lou Rainbow Muslins – Lovely and bright soft muslins that I have used nearly every day. They have been everything from a changing mat to a blanket and have helped mop up many a baby mess. They have been washed lots of times and have kept their colour brilliantly and stayed really soft.
  • Cuski Sweet Dreamseezz – Another brand of muslin but this one is huge. I’ve used this as a swaddle, a blanket, a sun shade, a pram cover and a nursing cover. It also gets softer every time it is washed and I can see it being used for many years to come.
  • Close Parent Stuff Sack – This little sack is perfect to hold any stained clothes when your out and about. We have had quite a few little disasters and it nice to have somewhere to put the clothes and know that the smells will stay locked inside. We are hoping to start using reusable nappies very soon so this will get even more use then.


Other essentials include sleepsuits and babygrows, nappies and wipes, baby bath products and a warm outfit for trips out on a cold day. We have lots of different brands of these things so its not as easy to link to anything in particular. My favourite sleepsuits and babygrows and been from Gap, they are cute and they do a lot of girls clothes which aren’t pink (there is far to much pink for baby girls but thats another post). If you manage to shop in their sale the clothes are not to expensive either. We also have a pramsuit from Gap that has been brilliant as it’s been very cold in Scotland so far this summer. The best disposible nappies that we have used have been by a brand called Naty though they are not always that easy to come by and hopefully Aoife will be big enough soon to start using reusable nappies. We have not used any specific brand of wipes as we were gifted lots so have been using these and it is the same with the bath products. I can’t think of anything else at the moment for her that I would have struggled without however I probably have forgotten something and i’ll blame the baby brain.


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