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Mini Moccasins DIY

Mini MoccsIs there anything cuter than tiny baby shoes? I know they are totally unnecessary so instead of buying any I decided to make my own using an old denim skirt that I was throwing away. Inspired by the tiny moccasins made by Mini Mocks I searched around for a pattern and started crafting. I made these before Aoife was born and had worried that they may be to small, they aren’t, they are far to big for her toaty feet. If you’d like to make your own toaty moccasins follow the instructions below.

NeedWhat you will need.

  • A pattern. I used this one and adapted it a little so that I could have some fringing.
  • Fabric. Leather or Denim is ideal.
  • Elastic
  • Clips
  • Needle
  • Thread

Start Of Mocs

Start by clipping the back section and the base of the moccasin together and stitch around that edge with your chosen thread. The reason I have used clips instead of pins to hold the pieces together is because if I was using leather I wouldn’t want the pins to leave holes in it.

Step 2Then attach the front part of the moccasin overlapping the back piece and sew around the clipped edge.

Step 3Turn the moccasin the correct way out so that the stitching is now on the inside. Fold the back piece and clip the elastic under the fold then stitch around this just under the elastic to keep it in place. The amount of fabric that you have below the elastic is how long your fringing will be on your finished shoe.

Step 4Clip the elastic together at the front, stitch it together and then trim off any excess.

Step 5The final part of the process is to fold over the front piece of fabric, clip it, then stitch just under the elastic. Once this is complete take a pair of scissors and snip all the fringing into the loose parts of the fabric. You should then have a toaty little moccasin for a little foot to wear. Make another one and you will have a pair.

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