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On the MoveThere has been a serious lack of posting on the blog these last few weeks and it’s all been down to one thing. Little A is now properly on the move meaning I can’t take my eyes of her for one minute at the moment. Her crawling has become speedy and she is also pulling herself up on everything she can find. She is a little unsteady on her feet and many of the things that she is using to pull herself up on are not attached to the floor. We’ve had a few bumps and bruises along the way but she is becoming more and more confident and steady everyday. My main job at the moment is to chase around after her doing my best to catch her before she falls, this doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

For me its crazy to think that only a couple of months ago she couldn’t really do anything for herself and now she can get around at speed and was even helping me hang the washing up the other day. When I say she was helping what I mean is that she was passing me things from the basket for me to hang up and then pulling the things I did hang up back off the screen again. She has become so curious about everything and all she wants to do is get involved with everything that both me and her dad are doing. Most of the time she refuses to sit still and its becoming increasingly difficult to change her nappy or dress her. It’s exciting to watch all her new skills develop and it’s great that she wants to be so active but it can sometimes become frustrating when you are trying to get ready to go somewhere and she takes of down the hall with a nappy hanging off. I try to laugh when this happens and not worry that we are going to be late again for wherever we are going. Being a mum really is a massive learning curve, I used to hate being late for anything but now I just try to take it in my stride and apologies whenever we get to where we are going. (This is an apology to everybody I’ve been late to meet in the last nine and a half months, hopefully one day soon all get more organised. That will probably happen once Aoife can take care of herself!)

I’m going to make a big effort to update the blog more regularly so look out for more posts coming soon.

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