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Rest Your Sleepyhead

SleepyheadWhoever invented the phrase sleeping like a baby must have never actually had a baby. Most of the babies I know don’t sleep very well at all including A a lot of the time. Since the last time I spoke about sleep we have gone through quite a few different phases. During one of these phases A would not settle at night at all and was only happy to go to sleep when she was being held by me. After a couple of weeks the lack of sleep on my part was starting to drive me mad so I started looking on the internet for solutions. It was then that i started reading about the Sleepyhead. The reviews that you read for the Sleepyhead make it sound like a miracle worker and I had reached the point where I was willing to try anything. I was also told by a few mums that I know that they had one and their baby slept brilliantly in it.

When we first got the Sleepyhead it really did make a difference in that A would go straight back to sleep after being fed during the night. This was a huge improvement as she had just been keeping herself awake wriggling around unless she was held. She is currently going through a phase at the minute where she wake up roughly every hour to every two hours, once she has had some milk she does still go straight back to sleep so I can’t complain about that but the hourly waking is starting to drive me insane. It’s strange as she will happily sleep in it for three hours through the day but for some reason this doesn’t happen at night. I don’t think the hourly waking has anything to do with the Sleepyhead I think its probably just a growth spurt or some other little phase she’s going through.

The Sleepyhead comes in two different sizes, one for babies and one for slightly older kids. We have the deluxe which is recommended for use between 0 – 8 months though I think we will get a lot longer out of it as A is so small. It is quite expensive to buy and it hasn’t solved all of our sleeping issues so I wouldn’t say it was essential but if like me you are having trouble getting your baby to settle out of you arms its worth a go. I think the sides make the babies feel like they are still being held so it definitely helps with that.

As you can see from the photo the Sleepyhead looks really comfy, I wish there was an adult version for me! The great thing about it is that its really portable so she is able to sleep in the livingroom with me during the day and also sleeps in it at night next to me in her co-sleeper. It will be easy to take with us when we travel anywhere so hopefully the familiar surrounding will mean that she still gets a good night sleep. Because a good night sleep for her means a good night sleep for me too, lets just hope this waking every hour ends soon.

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