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Room 1I’ve been working on getting Aoife’s room ready for her since before she was born and its finally finished. I started with the idea that I wanted to create a space that would be fun and would provide lots of areas for imaginative play. The plan was to design the room that it would grow with her and wouldn’t require to much redecoration as she gets older.  I also wasn’t sure whether I was having a boy or a girl so the colours of the room are gender neutral hopefully making a space where any of her friends will be happy to play.

I started with the idea of painting one wall a grey pattern to look like mountains and the rest of the room evolved from there. I thought about the things that I would have loved to be in my room as a child and the toys that would help create a place full of adventure. Hopefully I’ve managed to create just that but it will still be a little while before A is playing in here a lot.

One of my favourite things in the room is the tipi that my Dad built using a few things picked up from the diy store. It looks like it cost more than £25 to put together and is a big part of the room design. The tipi should provide a nice quiet place for A to relax in the future and I’m hoping that she loves it as much as I do. Other things that I love include the OYOY Adventure Rug and her gorgeous Isadora doll from Lauvely.

Room 5All the things in A’s room have been gathered from lots of different shops over the last year and I’ll put the pictures on Instagram and tag as much as I can remember. If you have any questions about any of the things just ask and I’ll hopefully be able to help you.

The room is constantly evolving and I’m sure there will be plenty more things added to it in a few months when A turns 1! I’m not sure how time has passed so quickly but it has so once she is in her room more I’ll do some more photos and talk about some of her favourite toys.

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