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SimpleSince buying a house a few years ago my boyfriend and I have been trying to live a more minimalist life. Our last flat was tiny and was bursting at the seams with stuff. It was nightmare to clean and impossible to find anything. Our new flat is larger but is in no way massive and we really didn’t want it going the same over filled way. When we made the move we got rid of so many things that hadn’t been touched in years and we were able to start again in our new place only keeping things that we truly loved. We have purchased a number of things over the last few years as we had no furniture at all when we made the move but we have tried to not over purchase and only get things that we really needed, are beautiful and hopefully long lasting. With our first child on the way we are hoping that we can stick with this philosophy and not end up with a house which is over run with stuff that is both not very environmentally friendly and also clutters up our space again. My feelings at the moment are that the less stuff the baby has the less time I have to spend tidying clutter or washing clothes and the more time I will have to do all the fun things in life. Stay tuned to see how that works out.

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