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Snack, Snack, Snack

IMG_5568Aoife is constantly hungry at the minute and I feel like I’m forever trying to find something for her to snack on. I’m not sure if its totally normal how hungry she is all the time but all I can do is try to find her healthy things to munch on. How much should a 16month old be eating? Some days it feels like she’s eating more than I am.

Today we tried making something healthy for us both to eat but as usual when it comes to my cooking and baking the end result left a lot to be desired! I thought these Banana and Raspberry Oat Bars sounded quite easy and that hopefully I couldn’t get it to wrong but somehow they still tasted a bit weird. The great thing about making them though was being able to bake with Aoife for the first time. As the recipe was simple it meant that she could stand up on the step stool and watch everything that I was doing. She loved pinching the raspberries as I was trying to weigh them and looked really interested as I explained everything that was happening. The best part was when she watched me stir the oats and milk together and went of to get her own wooden spoon that she has in her room. She came back to the kitchen with a massive smile on her face and tried to help with the mixing.

Its a real shame the the finished product tasted awful, Aoife’s reaction was “No, no, no”!!!!! Its not going to put me of as I really enjoyed our little Bake Of we just need to try and find a healthy snack recipe that we can get to work. We would be grateful for any easy suggestions and hopefully this can be the start of many days of baking fun together.




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  • Reply Kayleigh September 1, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    These are really easy and taste great! My toddler loves them! Tea loaf is another good one. My lo has helped in the prep (and eating!) of both of these :-)

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