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Sweet Zzzzzzz’s

Sweet DreamsPeople are forever asking if A is a good baby. My answer is of course she is a good baby as how can a baby be bad? I think what they are referring to is whether she sleeps or not and does she sleep all night letting me get some rest. In my eyes A is a great sleeper and its a rare night that we don’t get any sleep. She’s not to good at going to sleep in the early evening but when we go to bed later in the evening she always falls asleep really quickly. She is great at napping through the day either in the pram or in her rocker or moses basket which means that I generally get some time to get stuff done. She doesn’t have set nap times I just watch out for signs that she is sleepy and then remove any toys and give her a blanket. We have success with this method most of the time though there is the odd occasion she needs to be rocked to sleep.

Over the last few months I’ve just become used to getting up every few hours though the night to feed A and I can now function on much less sleep than I used to. One day she will sleep through the night, at the moment I don’t feel to stressed about when this will happen as I know it will in her own time. For the moment those snoozy feeds are lovely and bonding and I try my best to appreciate them as they wont last forever.

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