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TeaTime to yourself when you have a young baby is a rare treat so I’ve been trying to make the most of these moments. When A takes a nap I normally run around the house tidying up, putting washing on or making sure we are organised for the next days adventures. The problem is that you never really know how long a nap will last for and there is always so much to do. People are always telling me that I need to take time for myself but this is something that I find very difficult if I know that there is something that needs done.

Finally after a difficult couple of nights where it felt like A has been feeding all the time I decided to leave the house work and just relax. We went for a lovely long walk in the Meadows which is a huge park in the middle of Edinburgh and on the way home I treated myself to a cupcake from Cuckoo’s Bakery. Once we were home and A was having a nap I relaxed with a cup of tea and my cupcake, it was bliss. For once the chores can wait until tomorrow.

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