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Time, Where Does It Go?

TimeBefore Aoife was born I had this idea that maternity leave was going to be one long holiday. I thought I’d have lots of time to finish all the craft projects that I’d never got round to and plenty of time to start all the new ones that I had in my head. I imagined I’d spend my days exploring all the things that Edinburgh had to offer that I had never had the time to do in the past and making sure that I enjoyed any good weather that came along. I had read somewhere that babies spend most of there time asleep so thought she would do that most of the time and wake up for feeds. I knew there would be difficult days and that there would be night feeds and that would mean a lack of sleep but I thought it couldn’t be any worse that being out for a late night out and having work in the morning.

Well how wrong was I? Very. There is no time to do any of these thing at least not at the moment. Babies do sleep a lot but what I didn’t anticipate was that she would only want to sleep when she is being held by someone. Put her down in her mosses basket and its as if the world has ended. This means that I can’t get anything done. My once tidy house is slowly becoming messier by the day and I no longer have the time or energy to sort it. Some days have past so quickly that it has reached 4pm before I have realised that I’ve had nothing to eat.

Slowly I’m starting to learn to do things one handed, everything from making a cup of tea to putting the washing on. Most of the time though I just don’t do anything except sit with Aoife sleeping on me and enjoy the cuddles as I know this won’t last forever.

So if it’s a few days or even weeks between updates here please understand that it’s not because I’ve nothing to say or that I don’t want to say it. It’s that each day has passed quicker than I could have imagined and I’ve spent all that time making sure Aoife is happy, fed and loved which right now is the only thing that matters to me.

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