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North Berwick BeachToday we had planned on building the buggy but a call from a friend with an invitation to the beach could not be turned down. A public holiday where the sun is shining is a rare treat in Scotland so we headed of an hour down the coast to North Berwick. I think half of Edinburgh had the same idea but we luckily found a parking space next to the beach and were treated to the beautiful scene above. We couldn’t venture far from the car with Kev on his crutches, getting about anywhere at the moment is not the easiest but we managed a short walk along the beach and then had some tasty food before heading home. It would have been lovely to explore North Berwick more and we will definitely go back once Kev is able to walk and drive again. We will have the buggy built by then and will be testing how it copes with the sand.

North Berwick Bird

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