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ClothesKeeping it minimal with Aoife’s clothes is proving to be more difficult than I anticipated. People have been incredibly generous and she has ended up with so many little outfits for the first few months of her life. At the moment she is far to small to wear any of them and I’m hoping that when she does grow a bit that we will get more than a couple of months out of some of them.If only we could make these bigger as I’d love to wear a lot of them, denim dresses, jumpsuits, jeans and t-shirts are exactly what I will be spending my summer in. It feels like such a shame that these will only fit her for a very short time but in that limited period she is going to be much better dressed than I am.

So far she has been living in little onesies and has been going through quite a few on a daily basis. My washing machine is constantly on and the number of little sleepsuits that are sometimes worn in a day has taken me by surprise. There have been a few occasions where I thought I might run out and my minimalist ideas were about to come back and haunt me. This hasn’t happened but there have been a few close calls. It has made me realise that I will need to get some more clothes in the bigger sizes as I really don’t have much of that. Little sleepsuits are my best friend at the moment.

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