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QuiltMaking a quilt is something that I’ve always wanted to do but for a first attempt putting together a full size one was quite a daunting thought. The great news for me is that a baby doesn’t need a full size quilt so this was a sewing project I felt like my limited skills could tackle.

FabricI started of by deciding on the quilt colours and purchasing some fabric. I chose to use 4 different plain fabrics and one patterned fabric. I didn’t really have a set plan of how it was going to go when I bought the fabric so I got half a meter of each of the plain and one and a half meters of the patterned as I knew I wanted to use this as the back of the quilt as well.

The next step was to make a template out of card and I decided on using a triangle shape. I then cut lots of triangles in all the different fabrics and stitched them together in a random selection of rows. Once the front of the quilt was created I cut a piece of the patterned fabric and a piece of wadding the same size, pinned them and stitched them together. The final part of the process was to trim around the edges and sew pre bought bias binding tape around the edge. Binding it was probably the hardest part of the whole quilt as I wasn’t really sure what I was doing and just made up the technique as I went along. It’s a little uneven in places but overall for a first attempt I’m very pleased with it. I’m thinking of making another one using squares instead of triangles and a different technique that won’t incorporate binding the edges. When I make the next one I’ll also take some more pictures and do a proper demonstration of how it’s made.Bedroom

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