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Toaty TemptationsTrying to stay minimal in the purchases for a new baby can be a very difficult thing. There are so many cute and appealing clothes out there it’s hard to resist the temptation to just buy, buy, buy. Our society is built around consumption and so much marketing and pressure is geared at new parents it can very hard to stick to the essentials. I don’t feel that any of this stuff is necessary, though a lot of it is very appealing.

I’m certainly not against buying lovely things and would much rather make one quality considered purchase than buy ten cheaper items that will be thrown away quickly or even worse be unused and unloved. However baby clothes are going to be discarded quickly as they will be grown out of in a couple of months so sticking to a budget has also become important.

When purchasing clothes for this baby I have done everything I can to resist temptation. We have a number of lovely little basics ready including bodysuits, sleep suits and a couple of outdoor outfits most of which we have bought in the sales or have been given. We have asked people not to buy us to much but we realise we cannot control that completely and of course we are always grateful for gifts. I’m sure we will probably be given more things but at the moment I feel like we have more than enough and I personally won’t be tempted by any more. In a few months time the baby will grow out of everything and we will need to resist the temptations all over again.

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