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Up The Stairs

Edinburgh TenementIf you live in the city centre in Edinburgh it’s more than likely you live in a tenement flat. This means stairs and often lots of them, for us it’s three flights up to the top floor and our lovely sunny flat. There are lots of benefits to living on the top floor, no noisy neighbours above you, lots of natural light and heat from all the flats below to name just a few. However there are some drawbacks as well the main one being the stairs and everything needs to come up those stairs.
Tenement flats were built well over a hundred years ago so there are no lifts here. Many people decide to leave their top floor flats when they have children as they just don’t feel like it’s practical anymore, with more stuff going up and down the stairs than ever before I can see their point. For my boyfriend and I leaving this flat is not a option. We just recently bought it and have been working very hard to renovate each and every room. It has been a labour of love that we have enjoyed doing and we have created a flat that truly reflects our personalities. The flat makes us happy and it would be far to sad to leave it because of some stairs. This means that every purchase we make for this baby must be carefully considered, it must be practical, lightweight and functional if it needs to leave the flat on a regular basis. Everything fitting within this criteria has been a good thing, it’s meant that there has been no overspending on unnecessary products and hopefully everything we have bought has been well thought out. I’ll talk some more about some of the things we have decided upon that we feel have fitted in with these ideals over the next few weeks but ultimately I’ll only be able to give a true option of these once we start to use them.

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